Meet Skyline Council Member Liz Peterson

July 14, 2020

Liz Peterson is the new Chair of the Skyline Council of Landmarks Illinois, taking the lead in July 2020. Liz works as a marketing coordinator at CEDARst Companies, an integrated multifamily developer specializing in adaptive reuse of historic buildings and known for such projects around Chicago as The Bush Temple, The Alfred and The Lawrence House. Learn more about Liz below!

What is the best part of your job?

I love working in an office where I can learn from people from varied backgrounds including engineering, finance, photography, interior design and property management. Seeing the full cycle of a project from acquisition to the tough preservation work to the ultimate marketing and promotion of the product is extremely rewarding. I love learning about small artifacts or details that were saved during preservation projects and then used as a focal piece in a common space that helps keep the story of the building alive.

When and why did you become involved with LI and join the Skyline Council?

I became involved in Summer of 2019 to expand my knowledge of preservation and meet like-minded people.

Why is historic preservation important and what about it interests you?

I agree with many of my colleagues and with the mission statement of Landmarks Illinois that historic preservation is really about people. We come together and make judgments on the beauty, function and cultural significance of a structure. It’s important for society to have an ongoing conversation about our built environment as it is a direct reflection of our collective values.

What is one thing about historic preservation you would tell another young professional to spark their interest?

I think that historic preservation begins with citizens feeling connected to their communities, neighborhoods and cities. I would encourage young professionals to be involved with a local organization or make an effort to learn about the history of the community they live in.

What impact do you think young professionals like yourself will have on the future of historic preservation?

I think that a major impact my generation will be to further the consideration of social and environmental impacts of preservation projects.

What do you do to support and advocate for preservation either in your professional or personal life? (or both!)

I’m always looking for articles or podcasts on the topic, so feel free to send me your recommendations!

What do you do in your free time?

I’m a big music fan and enjoy going to see live bands as well as performing songs. Cooking and generally eating good food are also hobbies!



(Photo: Liz Peterson (left) with Landmarks Illinois Director of Advocacy Lisa DiChiera and Real Estate & Building Industries Chair Andy Ahitow at a July 2019 RBIC event in Chicago. Credtit: Anne Evans Photography)

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