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Thousands of Illinois residents have joined Landmarks Illinois to support us in saving special places around our state. We are a membership-based nonprofit organization – the work we do on a daily basis to protect historic and architecturally significant buildings and spaces in Illinois would not be possible without the continued support of our members. Join us today! Click on the link below to view membership options.

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Liz Peterson, Chicago

"I joined Landmarks Illinois as a Skyline Council member in 2018 to network with other young professionals and meet leaders in the preservation field. Growing up, my grandmother was an active member of the historical society in my hometown of Maplewood, Minnesota. I loved touring sites with her and that feeling was reinvigorated when I began working for a company that specialized in historic renovation projects. As a member of Landmarks Illinois, I’ve gained valuable leadership opportunities and have met many mentors, friends and people who inspire me to continue incorporating preservation principles into my personal and professional life."
(Landmarks Illinois Skyline Council Chair)

Matthew Carroll, Galena

"I am pleased to be a member of this important state organization focused on preservation on many levels, and they oversee the annual Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Awards, which Jail Hill Inn received in 2016. Great people, doing great things!"
(Innkeeper, Jail Hill Inn)

Emily Tribbia, Chicago

"I believe in preserving and restoring the past while incorporating its history into modern-day life. Landmarks Illinois excels in providing advocacy to others who see the intrinsic value in preserving our state's heritage. It is truly inspiring to hear the success stories and have a community where like-minded individuals can come together to support each other in their endeavors."
(Landmarks Illinois Skyline Council Member)

Norm Moline, Rock Island

“Landmarks Illinois is an important private-sector ally for those of us involved in local preservation efforts. To support our work, Landmarks Illinois is able to provide the perspectives and actions of prestigious professional and lay persons from around the state. Our officials and community leaders then can understand that our proposed local actions are not just the whims of a few passionate citizens but a benefit to our entire community."
(Retired Professor, Augustana College)

Graham Grady, Chicago

"I love Landmarks Illinois because it saves the places that make Chicago Chicago. Through adaptive reuse and guidance on accessing public and private resources, LI has a head for business in utilizing economic development tools that benefit communities and property owners alike. LI is a unique force - statewide - in preservation and in placemaking for yesterday, today and tomorrow."
(Landmarks Illinois Board of Directors)

Donna Kieso, Somonauk

"I’m a member of Landmarks Illinois because I love historic buildings, and when I first joined, I was a tour guide at the Farnsworth House. My lifelong interest in architecture was sparked as a young adult by my aunt who took me on a walking tour of Chicago and encouraged my curiosity of older buildings. Today, I want to pass on an appreciation of historic places to my grandchildren.”
(Retired tour guide and quilt maker)

Erika Block & Family, Chicago

"We are members because we care about historic landmarks in our community. We value Landmarks Illinois' energy and enthusiasm to remind us of why it is worth saving historic places in our community, and LI's programs and initiatives provide the tools to make it happen. We are proud to support Landmarks Illinois so that our daughter has the opportunity to learn and appreciate Illinois' historic landmarks as much as we do."
(LI Skyline Council member, pictured here with her husband Michael and baby Olivia)

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