Real Estate and Building Industries Council

Engaging leaders in the activities of Landmarks Illinois

Created in 1993, the Real Estate and Building Industries Council (RBIC) engages leaders of the design, construction, development, real estate, and finance industries in the activities of Landmarks Illinois. By recognizing individuals, firms and organizations that demonstrate a special dedication to historic preservation through responsible development and planning, RBIC helps Landmarks Illinois promote the restoration and adaptive reuse and of historic structures and places. RBIC hosts an annual awards ceremony and reception at a recently redeveloped building honoring the project team for the success of its transformation.

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The RBIC also encouraged Landmarks Illinois to create an  Illinois Restoration Resources Directory that could be used by property owners to help identify professional services, products, craftspeople and other experts that assist in the maintenance, restoration and rehabilitation of older structures. Originally printed as a directory, this guide has since been converted into a popular online format.

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