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Greta Lederer

(1) 761 Strawberry Hill Dr. 761 Strawberry Hill Drive

Name: Greta Lederer

Date of Birth / Location: born c. 1912 / Michigan

Date of Death / Location: October 26, 1976 / Highland Park, Illinois

Work History:

  • Strawberry Hill, Glencoe, Illinois, 1956 (including residences at 1030 Cherry Tree Lane; 771 Strawberry Hill Drive; 754 Strawberry Hill Drive - please see "Table of Homes" below for full listing)
  • Three homes along Bob-o-Link Road, Highland Park, Illinois
  • Prince Charles Garden Apartment Complex, 2319 South Goebbert Road Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Nancy Ann Abshire (Courtesy of CWA)
Nancy Ann Abshire

Name: Nancy Ann Abshire

Date of Birth / Location: Dayton, Ohio

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, Northwestern University; Bachelor of Architecture, University of Illinois; 1965-1969

Firms & Partnerships: C.F. Murphy Associates 1961-1968; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), interior design department, also design architect and project manager on various architectural projects, 1968-2019, promoted to Associate 1988.

Professional Organizations & Activities: Chicago Women in Architecture, Founder AIA, RIBA, NCARB; Executive director of SOM foundation 2010-2019; National Trust of Great Britain; Architecture and Design Society of the Art Institute of Chicago; Chicago Architecture Foundation, Auxiliary Board Member since 1971

Awards & Honors: SAH award 2010; Chicago Women in Architecture Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, 2021

Edith C. Antognoli_image Edith C. Antognoli (circa 1965). Courtesy of the Park Forest Star.
Edith Antognoli

Name: Edith Antognoli

Date of Birth / Location: January 2 1912 / Georgetown, British Guiana

Barbara Armstrong

Name: Barbara Armstrong

Anna Carmen Baird Walsh

Name: Anna Carmen Baird Walsh

Date of Birth / Location: 1872 / Quincy, Illinois

Date of Death / Location: August 17, 1936 / Chicago, Illinois

Professional Organizations & Activities: Member, National Women's Association of Commerce; Board member, Aviation Club of Chicago; Director, Woodlawn Trust and Savings Bank

Adelaide Hulla Necrology|Hulla-1940-census|Hulla Marriage Certificate1904 Adelaide Hulla Necrology. Courtesy of Martin Tangora.|John and Adelaide Hulla in the 1940 Census. Courtesy of Martin Hulla. |Hulla Marriage Certificate 1904. Courtesy of Martin Hulla.
Adelaide Eunice Benham Hulla

Name: Adelaide Eunice Benham Hulla

Date of Birth / Location: 1871 / New York

Date of Death / Location: 1961

Education: Bachelor's in Architecture, Cornell, 1890

Professional Organizations & Activities: Adelaide was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. (Courtesy of Martin Tangora)

Julia M. Bracken Wendt

Name: Julia M. Bracken Wendt

Date of Birth / Location: June 10, 1871 / Apple River, Illinois

Date of Death / Location: June 22, 1942 / Laguna Beach, California

Education: Art Institute of Chicago, studied sculpture under Lorado Taft

Firms & Partnerships: Lorado Taft, Studio and Teaching Assistant, 1887-1893

Professional Organizations & Activities: National Sculpture Society

Awards & Honors: Gold medal for sculpture, San Diego Exposition, 1915

Katherine Brewster

Name: Katherine (Kate) Lancaster Brewster

Date of Death / Location: September 24, 1947 / Lake Forest, Illinois

Professional Organizations & Activities: Member of the Lake Forest Garden Club; Member of the Garden Club of America; President of the Chicago Public School Art Society

Awards & Honors: Legion of Honor for her work with the Chicago chapter of France Forever.

Fran Caldwell

Name: Fran Caldwell

Isabel Ling Chan

Name: Isabel Ling Chan

Professional Organizations & Activities: American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Pao-Chi Chang

Name: Pao-Chi Chang

Firms & Partnerships: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM); Alfred Swenson Pao-Chi Chang Architects

Professional Organizations & Activities: Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Professor

Mary Colter

Name: Mary Colter

Sue Ann Conover

Name: Sue Ann Conover

Education: Bachelor's of Architecture, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1979

Professional Organizations & Activities: American Institute of Architects (AIA); Chicago Women in Architecture (CWA)

Crawford_ in front of Lindberg Engineering Co.|Mary Ann Crawford_LINDBERG ENGINEERING_WESTERN AND CAMPBELL_CHICAGO_02|Crawford_6531_WAUKESHA_CHICAGO|Amy McCormick tomb 1_by Crawford Mary Ann Crawford in front of the Lindberg Construction Company building that she designed. Courtesy of the Chicago Daily Tribune.|Lindberg Engineering Building (circa 1950). Courtesy of Erica Ruggiero.|6531 Waukesha Avenue (circa 1960s). Courtesy of Erica Ruggiero.|Tomb of Amy McCormick (1939). Courtesy of Jean Follett.
Mary Ann Elizabeth Crawford

Name: Mary Ann Elizabeth Crawford

Date of Birth / Location: 1901 / Girard, Illinois

Date of Death / Location: December 19, 1988 / Springfield, Illinois

Education: Bachelor of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 1929; Master's of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 1930

Firms & Partnerships: Montgomery Ward; Private Practice, 1959

Professional Organizations & Activities: Licensed Architect with the State of Illinois, 1941; Licensed Engineer with the State of Illinois, 1943. In 1978, some of Crawford's student drawings were featured in the "Chicago Women Architects" exhibition at Artemisia Gallery in Chicago, Illinois. In 1980, her drawings were the focus of a solo exhibition titled "American Beaux-Arts" at the Frumkin-Struve Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

Isabella Curran

Name: Isabella Curran

Firms & Partnerships: Active in Maywood, perhaps as early as the turn of the century.

Gunduz Dagdelen

Name: Gunduz Dagdelen Ast

Education: Bachelor's of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1962; Master's of Architecture, Washington University, 1963.

Firms & Partnerships: Ast Dagdelen Architects

Professional Organizations & Activities: Founding Member, Chicago Women in Architecture (CWA)