Woodlawn Cemetery - Private Guy Week’s memorial, Edwardsville

Grant Amount: $1,875

The Woodlawn Cemetery in Edwardsville was founded in 1872. The only Doughboy statue in the cemetery memorializes Private Guy Weeks, who fought and died in action in October 1918 and fought at the Battle of Belleau Wood in June 1918. The Doughboy is in poor condition—currently in three pieces and missing the head, hat, and part of the rifle. It is believed that the monument was vandalized in the 1980s or early 1990s. Some of the broken pieces have been found and the Cemetery board is committed to restoring this treasure and once again honor Private Weeks. The monument is the property of the Week’s Family, however, the Board has been unable to locate any living members of the family. The cemetery maintains damaged monuments where owners cannot be located. The Board intends to work with Chris’s Cemetery Preservation, Inc. to reattach the found pieces and mold the missing pieces.

Village of Greenview - WWI Memorial Arch, Greenview

grant amount: $5,000

The red brick WWI Memorial Arch, which stands 24’ tall, is located within the community park in the heart of Greenview. Two bronze plaques attached to the inside of the columns list the names of eighty individuals who served in the armed services. One woman is cited as well. The memorial is in need of repointing and masonry repairs. The Village Board, community groups, and citizens are working together to see this project completed. The Village of Greenview is seeking funds to assist with the necessary repairs of the arch.

Village of Riverside - Veterans Memorial, Riverside

grant amount: $5,000

The Veterans Memorial, located in Guthrie Park in downtown Riverside, was dedicated on Memorial Day in 1921. The memorial consists of a concrete plaza with a flagpole in the center. At each corner of the plaza is a stone monument with a plaque. Three of these monuments recognize a specific community member killed during WWI. The fourth monument honors all of those from the community who gave their lives in the War. Another monument at the memorial recognizes veterans of WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Because the stone monuments were installed without a foundation, they are sinking. The Village of Riverside, which owns the memorial, intends to lift all of the monuments and install concrete foundations beneath them. The flag pole will be painted and the landscaping will be replanted with perennials.

City of Waterloo - Waterloo City Cemetery

Grant Amount: $2,000

In 2014, as part of an Eagle Scout project, bronze markers were placed at the graves of Civil War soldiers buried in Waterloo’s city cemeteries. In recognition of the centennial of US entry into WWI, the City would like to do the same for WWI veterans. The Monroe County Genealogical Society has compiled a list of 46 WWI veterans buried in Waterloo City Cemeteries. It has been decided to focus on the graves that are either unmarked, or the headstones have been destroyed, or are illegible. Both the City of Waterloo and the Cemetery District are contributing funds towards this effort.

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