December 2017 WWI Monument Preservation Grant Recipients

Village of Elkhart: Doughboy statue and park site, Elkhart

Located in historic downtown Elkhart on Governor Oglesby Street in the current Veterans’ Park, Elkhart’s historic WWI Doughboy statue was presented to the Village of Elkhart by the returning veterans of World War I in honor of the men who did not return from that war. Since then, plaques have been added to the statue with the names of Village veterans from WWII, the Korean War and all veterans killed in action from Elkhart during past wars. The Elkhart Doughboy statue is an “Order Arms” design in limestone. The position of “Order Arms” is characterized by the rifle being held vertically next to the right leg with the butt of the rifle resting on the ground. The Village of Elkhart is seeking funds to clean the Doughboy and make repairs to the park site of the statue.

Herrin American Legion Post 645: Herrin Doughboy statue

Herrin’s Doughboy statue is an E.M. Viquesney “Spirit of the American Doughboy” that was acquired through a project spearheaded by members of the various veteran groups. It was originally dedicated on Sept. 6, 1927, in the center of the intersection of Park Avenue and Monroe Streets, in Herrin’s downtown area. The statue had been moved several times before settling on its current location, across from City Hall, in 2002. The Herrin Doughboy Committee, comprised of representatives of various organizations throughout the City, has been charged with ensuring the preservation of the statue. The Committee recently received estimates for repair and have begun fundraising for this effort.

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