Naperville Preservation, Inc., Naperville


Naperville’s East Highlands subdivision features Midcentury Modern homes constructed in 1954 to 1958 on large lots. The development includes homes by such notable builders as Don Tosi, known for building the Bruce Goff-designed Ford House in Aurora. East Highlands was also the community’s first full subdivision and led the way to the creation of Naperville’s city ordinance, which assured developments included space for parks and schools. Naperville Preservation, Inc., a local nonprofit, will use Landmarks Illinois’ grant funds to hire Preservation Futures to conduct a survey of the East Highlands subdivision. The hope is that this survey will lead to local landmarking of certain homes in the East Highlands as exemplars of the era.

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Friends of Historic Second Church, Chicago


Friends of Historic Second Church is a nonprofit tasked with preserving and restoring the art and architecture of Chicago’s landmark Second Presbyterian Church. The group is currently focused on restoring the church’s Oriel Window, which has experienced degradation due to water infiltration. Friends of Historic Second Church will use Landmarks Illinois’ grant funds to hire engineering firm of Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. to perform an envelope analysis on the window to better understand how to best remedy and restore it.

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