Turner Hall: 2019 Award for Rehabilitation


A working partnership between the City of Galena and the Galena Foundation brought about the revitalization of Galena’s treasured Turner Hall. Built as a community center in 1874 (and reconstructed after a fire in 1927), the community for years found it challenging to fully utilize and maintain the building. It was not until the Turner Hall Committee was established by the mayor of Galena in 2013 that a plan for long-term stewardship and preservation was initiated. At this point, rehabilitation, maintenance and extensive restoration began. The project included restoring exterior stonework and using historically accurate paint, stain and fixtures inside to replicate its original appearance. Turner Hall was also made into a rental venue, with the City of Galena also hiring a facilities manager to oversee bookings for the community. Turner Hall has become a highly popular and used community space, with 70% of all rentals being for community events.

Project Principals

Terry Renner, Mayor of Galena

Charles Marsden, Turner Hall Committee Chair

Charles Fach, Galena City Council Committee Liaison

Mark Moran, Galena City Administrator

Janelle Keeffer, Facilities Manager

The Galena Foundation

City of Galena

Adam Johnson, Adam Jonshon Architecture

Daryl Watson, Historian

LI Asks: Why is this place important to you?

Ken Robb, President of The Galena Foundaiton

Turner Hall has occupied a central role in the lives of Galena residents and visitors alike since its construction in the 1800s. It has been the place where people gathered to celebrate, be entertained and to be informed. U.S. Presidents and prominent politicians have addressed citizens on the important issues of the nation from its stage. Over the years, however, age and constant use took a toll. To remain relevant and continue to serve the City of Galena, a major restoration was necessary.

How will saving this place impact people in your community?

The improvements to the hall have resulted in increased usage and revenue over the past few years while work was underway. Turner Hall is once again the vibrant gathering place for residents and visitors alike. In addition, the authentic restoration of this historic structure serves as an inspiration to private property owners to restore their homes and businesses within the Historic District of Galena Illinois.

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