Eris Brewery and Cider House: 2019 Award for Adaptive Use


An innovative project team renovated the 109-year-old former Masonic Temple into a lively beer and cider brewery and restaurant. Having suffered from years of deferred maintenance, the building required significant investment to meet current building codes. Years of subsequent renovations masked the beauty of the original structure. The project team was focused on sustainability and energy efficiency and many strategies were implemented to reduce environmental impact as well as serve as a memory of what came before. Old radiators were repurposed as railings, the church stove grates became lighting over the new kitchen and wood framing was transformed into tables and booths. A unique geothermal heating and cooling system integrates the building with the brewing process equipment to capture and reuse waste energy for heat and hot water.

The renewed building serves once again as a social institution, where people can gather and enjoy locally made craft beer and cider. Eris has filled a void on the Northwest Side of Chicago and become an economic driver in the area. The Landmarks Illinois awards jury said of the project, “Everything that they’ve done fits what we’re looking for.”

Project Principals

Katy Pizza, Managing Parter, Eris

Michelle Foik, Managing Partner, Eris

Michael Brick, EPIC Builder

Cheryl Noel, Wrap Architecture

Joe Farrugia, Engineering

Dan Couillard, Element Energy Consulting

Bob Huston, Calor Design Group

Mike Renner, Eriksson Engineering Associates

Wendy Schulenberg, Daniel Weinback & Partners

LI Asks: Why is this place important to you?

Katy Pizza, Managing Partner at Eris

“This mighty building is home to our ambitious women-owned startup. We are the first establishment in Illinois to make cider, brew beer and run a full-service restaurant under one roof. It was love at first sight due to the building’s soaring ceilings and 17-foot-tall windows on both the east and west elevations. The Masonic roots add an air of intrigue. There were challenges at every step of our four-year path from the idea stage to opening our doors, so a challenging build-out seemed entirely appropriate. As our brand and business grows, we are excited by the prospect of putting additional areas of the building into service.”

How will saving this place impact people in your community?

“We are just the third owners of this 109-year old building. Unless you were a practicing Mason, or part of the Bethel Korean Presbyterian congregation, the building would probably be a bit of a mystery. By converting it to commercial use, we threw the doors open wide and welcomed everyone. Sixty-year neighborhood residents have expressed amazement that this gem was sitting here the whole time. Families, realtors and new residents are happy to have a unique food and beverage destination join the business community. The relationships we are forging, as well as the jobs and tax revenue that we contribute, hopefully establishes us as good neighbors.”


(Photo shows the former Masonic Temple prior to restoration)

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