Leadership Award

Conn’s Hospitality Group


Over the last two decades, Conn’s Hospitality Group (CHG) has established itself as a steward of Springfield’s historic resources. Since 1995, CHG, founded by Court and Karen Conn, has rehabilitated four historic buildings in Springfield. The Conns’ stewardship began when the couple restored a 1909 apartment building listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which they converted into a bed and breakfast, now called the The Inn at 835. They later moved and transformed a Lincoln-era building that had been threatened by demolition, the Lindsey-Maisenbacher Home, into a coffee shop. Other projects include a microbrewery in an 1860s mansion and an antique shop in a 1960s-era commercial building. Through their numerous preservation projects, Conn’s Hospitality Group has helped to revitalize downtown Springfield. Their longstanding commitment to historic preservation serves as a model for others in the area. They are currently working on a project in Peoria.

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