Award for Restoration

Indian Boundary Park Field House


In May 2012 a fire destroyed about 40% of the roof on the 1929 Indian Boundary Park Field House, located at 2500 W. Lunt Ave. The building, designed by Charles Hatzfield, was a mix of Tudor and Arts Crafts with Native American themed ornamentation. The fire left a 10-foot-high pile of debris in the center of the auditorium with damage to the first and second floors.
The Chicago Park District made a commitment to restore the building. The level of detail of the reconstruction of the interior details included sifting through the debris to find any remaining fragments that could be used in the repairs. The salvageable pieces of the damaged tom-tom inspired chandeliers were carefully repaired and reused. The severely damaged metal casement windows were restored. A near perfect match was found for the slate roofing. The building reopened to the public in December 2013 and now has full programs once again.

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