Award for Rehabilitation

Apple River State Bank


The Neo Classical bank building was built in 1913 and is an anchor to Main Street in Warren. Located at 135 E. Main St., the original bank lobby was characterized by a barrel vault ceiling with 60 art glass windows. In 1966, the building was renovated and the lobby was converted to office space with a drop ceiling covering the barrel vault.
In 2011, the bank considered relocating due to the potential cost of renovations of the historic structure. Instead, the bank decided to remain in the iconic building and embark on a full rehabilitation of the lobby. The bank took advantage of the Federal Historic Tax Credit to make the renovation more financially feasible. The barrel vault, with its plaster details and art glass windows, is once again the glory of the downtown.
The project has been well received by Warren community and the surrounding area and has spurred other building owners to make improvements to their properties.

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