Award for Rehabilitation

Wrigley Building


One of Chicago’s architectural icons, the Wrigley Building was completed between 1921-24. The Wm. Wrigley, Jr Company sold the building at 400 N. Michigan Ave. in 2011 to BDT Capital Partners, which sought to retain the building’s name and restore its historic integrity while positioning it to serve a new mix of 21st century office and retail tenants.
The most visible improvement to the building was the rehabilitation of the deteriorated plaza between the two towers, including structural replacement, granite pavers and lighting. A new bronze storefront was installed and the modern glass columns were replaced with terra cotta.
The interior lobbies were renovated and bronze elevator doors, clocks and chandeliers were salvaged and restored. The owners sought local landmark designation in order to take advantage of the Class L incentives. The restoration of such an iconic building has created a new wave of commercial success along Michigan Avenue.

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