Award for Adaptive Use

Walgreens Drug Store


This project included the adaptive use of the Noel State Bank Building at 1601 N. Milwaukee Ave. built in 1920 and designed by Gardner Coughlen. The building had been abandoned for seven years and was in a terrible state of disrepair. The rehabilitation included replacement of the windows, removal of the bank teller stations, wood paneling and carpet, the restoration of each piece of art glass in the skylight, the refinishing of each pilaster capital and remediated any asbestos. The original bank vault was refurbished and used in the visual merchandising of the store and the original revolving door drum was retained and a curved slider (only the second of its kind) was installed in the drum for accessibility. The adaptive use of the Noel State Bank has been a huge step forward in the continued revitalization of this historic area and has the community very excited to see this building and other historic resources put back to use. This project is an excellent example for corporate retailers in how to reuse a historic structure.

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