Joe Antunovich Award for Leadership

Fletcher Farrar


A nomination was submitted for the restoration of the Garland House in the Enos Park neighborhood in Springfield. Review of the nomination revealed a larger narrative than a single building: the leadership demonstrated by Bud Farrar in effecting sustained positive change in the Enos Park neighborhood. Over the past 20 years, Farrar has renovated historically significant homes and rented them at nominal charge to single mothers and their children. Establishing Old Neighborhood Rehab as a 501c3 10 years ago, he then began selling the renovated homes. In total, he has renovated 23 homes, and two were in progress at the time of the award. Beginning with his own initiative and investment, Farrar has sought to preserve the historic character of the area and in doing so, reversed the results of decades of blight and built the foundation of a stable, cohesive community. Enos Park Development has secured TIF funding and attracted substantial volunteer engagement in the rehab process. In addition, Farrar contributes editorial columns in the Illinois Times addressing issues of preservation, sustainability and community development.

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