Award for Restoration

Ancel House


Ellen and David Muslin purchased this property, designed by Edward Dart in 1961, with the intent to raze the house and subdivide the property. The neighborhood fought this demolition plan in order to save both the character of the neighborhood and this significant mid-century home.
With the assistance of Landmarks Illinois, flyers were sent to residents, asking them to contact the Glencoe Plan Commission and Village president, and urge them to help protect this structure. This public outcry caused the Muslins to have a change of heart and restore and update the home, while following the Secretary of Interior’s standards.
The work completed on the home earned the Muslins a Historic Preservation Award from the Village of Glencoe in 2009. Their choice to save this home instead of razing it and subdividing the property saved this mid-century home, and kept the harmony of the original neighborhood design intact.

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