Award for Rehabilitation

Scully Building


In 2001, this 1907 red sandstone structure was devastated by a fire, damaged greatly by both the flames and water damage. Subsequent years of disuse and neglect further deteriorated the building, until local residents Patrick and April Doolin of Integrity Holdings purchased the property in 2009.
Since then, the Doolins have repaired and restored the sandstone exterior, re-pointed the mortar, repaired the roof and cleared the interior of debris. The interior was then renovated, with many of its historical wood details, doors, windowss and floor tiles restored. The Doolins updated the building using green technologies; a geo-thermal HVAC system was installed with funding assistance from the Green tax credit, recycled materials were used for insulation, and high efficiency lighting was installed throughout.
The restoration of the Scully building was beneficial to the community of Lincoln; the services of over 20 local companies were involved in one way or another, providing jobs during the recent economic depression. The offices of Integrity Holdings is located in the Scully Building, employing about 25 local residents.

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