Award for Restoration

Haskell, Barker and Atwater Buildings


These three buildings (Haskell and Barker, 1875; Atwater, 1877) are part of the Sullivan Center, and are some of the earliest post-fire commercial buildings. Built in a Classical Revival style, they feature two Sullivan facades (1896) and elaborate masonry cornices. After being altered in 1927, as part of the Carson Pirie Scott storefront, the facades subsequently deteriorated and, in the case of the Atwater cornice, were removed. The ornamentation of the Barker building had over 20 layers of paint by 2007.
The owner decided in 2007 to restore the building to its 19th-century appearance, which required not only uncovering the Sullivan facades, but also reconstructing the missing Atwater cornice and other missing elements. Using historical photographs and analysis, Harboe and Berglund worked to restore the cast iron storefront, even discovering a previously-undocumented 1903 Sullivan façade. Following this meticulous work, the three buildings are at once restored to their original appearance and suitable for new tenants.

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