Award for Rehabilitation

Pacesetter Gardens


At the time of its construction in 1960, Pacesetter Gardens signified a new era of suburban homebuilding. These attached row houses, designed by architect and developer Harry M. Quinn, received national media attention upon their completion and helped spark a new trend in home design. Pacesetter provided housing opportunities to families who were unable to afford a single-family home by offering a rent-to-own option. As early as the 1970s, however, the units fell victim to neglect at the hands of absentee landlords, eventually leading to the deterioration of both the buildings and the community as a whole. Federal, state and local grants were obtained for a neighborhood revitalization effort that would preserve the units as affordable housing while adding new retail and office building. In 2007, Holsten Real Estate Development Corporation broke ground and one year later the first residents moved in to the restored units. ADA accessible lifts and green technology were added. Hallmarks of the 1960 design that were carefully preserved include colorful aluminum siding, replicated metal window shutters, plus original doors and hardware. This contemporary model for community planning has proven more successful than its 1960s predecessors.

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