Award for Adaptive Use

Hard Rock Hotel


This striking green and gold Art Deco tower, designed by Daniel and Hubert Burnham in 1929, originally housed the offices of the Union Carbide & Carbon company. The 75-year-old office building had difficulties competing for tenants seeking modern amenities. Seeking an alternate use for the building the owner and architect collaborated to convert the former office building into a 381-room luxury urban hotel, the first of its kind in the Hard Rock chain. A similar conversion transformed the former 1895 Reliance building into the Hotel Burnham in 1996. The Hard Rock Hotel opened on New Year’s Eve after the completion of a $100 million renovation. Tax incentives from the city, county, and federal government amounted to over $27 million. This project was applauded by the jury as “a welcome rehabilitation in the previously neglected Central Michigan Avenue corridor.”

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