Outstanding Rehabilitation

447 West Main Street


Recipients John and Rhonda Glidewell received the award for the rehabilitation of one of the oldest homes in Decatur. Located at 447 W. Main St., the home was not listed as one of the city’s most historic structures, due to the many modifications that had been made to it over the years. Built in 1854 as a Federal-style residence, it was enlarged and remodeled into an Italianate-style house during the 1880s.

During the past 20 years, it was subdivided into four apartments, covered with artificial siding, and further obscured with vegetation. To compound matters, the building was threatened with demolition for a nearby church expansion when John and Rhonda Glidewell purchased it in 2000.

Fortunately, the Glidewells were able to see past the broken windows, damaged woodwork and the maze of apartments. Their basement-to-roof rehabilitation effort restored the original floor plan, uncovered arched doorways and marble fireplace mantles and reproduced missing woodwork. With a prominent location in a local historic district, the restored building provides a stabilizing effect on the neighborhood and an incentive for others to rehabilitate other homes.

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