Outstanding Rehabilitation

Chatterton Place


The recipient of this award was Gerber Management Services. This five-building commercial complex has made an amazing transformation in the past five years—going from Landmarks Illinois’ Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois in 1996 to a Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award in 2001.

This row of buildings, which date from between 1856 and 1929, is located in downtown Springfield, directly across from the Old State Capitol. After its main tenant, K-Mart, departed in the early-1970s, these buildings sat vacant, becoming severely weather damaged due to lack of maintenance and proper roof drainage.

However, thanks to the active support of Mayor Karen Hasara, the Elijah Iles Foundation, and the involvement of sympathetic developers Gene and Betty Gerber, an alternative plan was developed. Financial assistance included a local tax increment financing (TIF) district and the use of federal rehab tax credits. Restoration work was completed in late 2000 and new uses include apartments, state offices, parking and ground-level retail.

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