Exceptional Advocacy Effort Award

Libertyville American Legion Post No. 32


The American Legion Post received the award for the restoration of the Cupola to the Old Town Hall, which is now the Legion’s meeting hall. The architectural gem, designed by William W. Boyington, who designed the Chicago Water Tower, was built 1894, likely Boyington’s last commission and a grand Romanesque statement. The plans to restore the cupola originally began in 1975, but it wasn’t until 1994 that plans were restarted and support was raised by American Legion Post 329 through contributions and in-kind services and materials. On Nov. 5, 1996, the Crowning Glory, as the cupola is known, was restored and placed above the old Town Hall where it sits majestically. In 1997, final interior work and tuckpointing of the foundation were done.

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