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Founded in 1971, Landmarks Illinois is the state’s leading voice for historic preservation. As a membership-based nonprofit organization, we promote preservation, restoration and adaptive reuse of buildings and sites of many types in order to leverage our past to create a better future. We know that blending old and new makes communities resilient and interesting places to live, work and play. We are People Saving Places for People. Learn more.


To preserve, protect and promote architectural and historic resources in Illinois through advocacy and education. Read about our mission-driven work.


“Landmarks Illinois is an important private-sector ally for those of us involved in local preservation efforts.” – Norm Moline, Rock Island. See why other Illinois residents joined Landmarks Illinois.


Learn more about how Landmarks Illinois makes it possible for people to save important places in their communities.

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Be a voice for the future of our communities by supporting Landmarks Illinois. Our work enhances communities, empowers citizens, promotes local economic development and offers environmentally sound solutions.

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