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(photo left to right)  Ben Weese, Jack Hartray, Don Hackl, Otto Stark, John Vinci, Joe Rosa


Mid-Century Modern Architects Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with Mid-Century Modern architects was sponsored by Landmarks Illinois and AIA Chicago as the opening event for Landmarks Illinois’ 2007 Statewide Preservation Conference held in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood in June. Local architecture icons discussed their prolific careers, via an open dialogue, and offered the audience an unparalleled opportunity to visit the era firsthand through personal accounts, anecdotes and experiences.

The discussion included the academic forces influencing design interests, economic and cultural divides, emerging technologies, Chicago’s “incubator” firms (and the work and personnel they produced) and the life-long partnerships and friendships developed alongside professional competitions. Participants gave their thoughts on the preservation community now embracing the need to protect the Mid-Century architecture they produced.

A transcript of the lively discussion with architects Ben Weese, Jack Hartray, John Vinci, Otto Stark and Don Hackl, moderated by Joseph Rosa, can be accessed through the Architects Panel Transcript.PDF.



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