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imperiled historic buildings for sale

The following listings include imperiled historic buildings for sale. Some have been included on the Landmarks Illinois Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois list. These real estate listings have been submitted to Landmarks Illinois. Landmarks Illinois disclaims any responsibility for statements made by the sellers.

Maywood Home for Soldiers’ Widows

224 N. First Ave., Maywood

The Village of Maywood is seeking a developer/buyer to rehabilitate and reuse this historic 1924 Georgian Revival-style structure on a prime corner for redevelopment. Originally designed for Civil War soldiers’ widows and vacant since 2003, this building was included on Landmarks Illinois’ 2012 Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois list. Landmarks Illinois recently completed a reuse study for the building that recommends its redevelopment with adjacent village-owned vacant land. For more information, contact assistant village manager David Myers at (708) 450-6301. You can also read Landmarks Illinois’ reuse study for the home below.

Reuse Study

U.S. Marine Hospital

1304 Park Avenue, Galena

Listed on Landmarks Illinois’ 2014 Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois, the U.S. Marine Hospital is for sale as part of eleven acres of land in Galena. Constructed in 1859 as part of a nationally significant federal health care initiative for United States sailors, this is one of only two pre-Civil War marine hospitals remaining on the inland waterway system. The other is in Kentucky and has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

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