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Lewis Pharmacy Interior
8 S. Main St., Canton (Fulton Co.)




The interior of the historic pharmacy remains virtually unchanged from its opening in 1915, when it was termed the finest drug store in Illinois. The shop retains its original cabinetry, booths, soda fountain, checkerboard floor and decorative art glass. The pharmacy was operated by the Gustine family until 1937, when it was sold to the Lewis family who operated it for an additional 72 years. An elderly Edward Lewis, Jr. finally retired and closed the pharmacy in February. The hope is to find a new owner that would like to preserve this historic institution, but if an appropriate buyer can not be found, the furniture and fixtures will soon be sold at auction. While Canton is an Illinois Main Street community, it does not currently have a local landmark program to protect historic buildings from demolition. 


Photo 3, 5: Courtesy of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency





Local residents hope to find another pharmacist willing to take over the business, however, all preservation-minded buyers and/or tenants should contact:


Mark Rothert
Executive Director
Canton Main Street
Spoon River Partnership for Economic Development,
45 East Side Square, Suite 303
Canton, IL 61520
Phone: 309-647-2677








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