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On this page you will find helpful hints to using and printing our website. Additionally, a sitemap feature is provided with text links to the main sections of the Landmarks Illinois website. Please note that our site has popup window features which are not listed in the site map below and can only be viewed  from their parent pages with JavaScript enabled in your browser.











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Viewing Our Site


Certain areas of the new Landmarks site employ  JavaScript, Flash, inline frames and redirects to provide the maximum functionality possible to our visitors. In order to navigate efficiently through our site we suggest using an Internet browser that supports these technologies. We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. Also, be sure that your browser's preferences are set to accommodate the technologies described above.


How To Print Pages From Our Site


Often, visitors to Landmarks' website choose to print pages from our site. With many different versions of browsers and operating systems, some users may not be able to print a page from our site correctly while others can. If you have a standard printer with 8-1/2 by 11 paper, you may experience problems with content getting "cut off" on the right side of your page.  


To resolve these problems, we recommend the following solutions:


1. Check Our Site for PDF's. Many documents on the Landmarks site are available as PDFs (Adobe Portable Document Files) for easy reading and printing. Use the following page links to check for downloadable PDF's.


Media Releases Download Forms


2. Print In Landscape. If the page content is not available as a PDF, then print as you normally would from your browser in "landscape mode" in order to ensure that you print a correct version of our pages (without the sides cut off). To do so we ask that you change your print options in your browser as follows.


How to Print in Landscape from Internet
   Explorer 6.0:


   Select File from the browser's top menu

   Select Print. The Print dialog box will appear

   Click the Preferences Button

   Select the Landscape option & Click OK



How to Print in Landscape from America


   Select File from the browser's top menu

   Select Print Setup

   The Print Setup dialog box will appear

   Select the Landscape button & Click OK



How to Print in Landscape from Netscape:


   Select File from the browser's top menu

   Select Print

   Select Properties

   Click the  Layout Tab

   Select Landscape

   Click OK



How to Print in Landscape from Mozilla
   Firefox V. 1.x:


   Select File from the browser's top menu

   Select Printer Properties

   Click the Layout Tab

   Select Landscape

   Click OK



links opening in a new window


Within our website links to main content and search pages will open in the same window. You can use the browser back button to go back to pages you have previously visited.  Supplemental information and photographs will open in a popup window which can be closed using the windows X button. Note that JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser and popup blockers temporarily disabled. Links to PDF files and other websites open in a new window.


How TO search for a name, word
or phrase On the Landmarks Illinois Website


Type in a word or a phrase in the Search Field box located underneath the side navigation menu. Use quotation marks to enclose an exact phrase. The results will include documents containing those words in that exact order.







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Landmarks Illinois. All rights reserved. In addition to the copyright to this collective work, copyright to the materials which appear on this site may be held by the individual authors or others. Landmarks Illinois is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1971 and is the state's leading voice for historic preservation.