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Preservation Resources

Projects Like Mine


Each month, Landmarks Illinois staff fields dozens of questions from preservationists around the state. One of the most common queries is, “Who else has undertaken a project like mine?”


To help provide some answers, we have compiled this list of projects receiving a Landmarks Illinois award since 1990, when the awards program began.  Starting in 1994, the program has been sponsored through the generosity of the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.  Please note that the year of the award is in parenthesis following the project name.



Projects Like Mine Links:  a. Commercial  b. Education and Outreach  c. Hotels  d. Industrial  e. Park Facilities

f. Public Buildings  g. Religious Buildings  h. Residential i. Rural  j. Schools  k. Theaters  l. Train Stations



Commercial                                                                                                                                      Top


American Bankers Building, Jacksonville. (2005) Former 1920s bank building converted for first floor retail and a second story banquet facility. Contact the owner: George R. Hamilton, 217-675-2720.


Chatterton Place, Springfield.  (2001)  Conversion of a row of five commercial structures into apartments, state offices, parking, and ground-level retail.  Contact the developer: James A. Johnston, Gerber Management, 217-557-7851.  PHOTO


Emmett’s Tavern & Brewing Co., West Dundee.  (2004)  Restoration of an 1871 Italianate bank building including reopening of bricked-in windows, new foundations dug, and refabricated cornice.  Contact: owner Timothy Burns, 847-428-4500.  PHOTO


Fisher Building, Chicago.  (2001)  Reuse of an 1896 office building into apartments, including extensive terra cotta repair & replacement and restoration of missing features.  Contact the developer: Hal Lichterman, Kenard Corporation, 773-244-1000.  PHOTO


Hard Rock Hotel, Chicago.  (2004)  Adaptive use of 1929-era Carbide & Carbon Building for a luxury hotel, including terra cotta restoration, restored Art Deco-style lobby, and new addition.  Contacts: Lucien Lagrange Architects (interior and addition), 312-751-7400, or Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (exterior), 312-372-0555.  PHOTO


Goldblatt’s Department Store, Chicago.  Neighborhood campaign to rescue building from demolition and its subsequent conversion to city offices (1997).  Contact: Brenda Russell, East Village Association, 773-276-1252.


Krause Music Store, Chicago. (2007) Restoration of this 1922 building—Louis Sullivan’s final commission—featured restoration of leaded glass windows, refinishing of original wood doors, and restoration of the mosaic tile floor. The green terra cotta facade was fully repaired, tuckpointed and patched to match the original glaze. Contact: Keith Dinehart, Goldberg General Contracting, 773-273-9600.


Reliance Building, Chicago.  (1996)  Exterior terra cotta repair, window replacement, cleaning and cornice installation for this 1894-95 office building.  Contact the architect: Gunny Harboe, Harboe Architects, PC, 312-977-0333.  PHOTO


Richardson Building, Rockford. (2006) Removal of 1960s metal sheathing and exterior façade restoration of an 1865 department store building. Interiors were converted to residential lofts. Contact the owner: Don Bissell, B&B Properties, 815-969-0988.


River Forest Womens’ Club, River Forest. (2008) This 1913 Prairie-style clubhouse was saved from potential demolition, restored, and converted into a single family residence. Original wood windows and portions of the siding were repaired or reconstructed to match, and interior finishes were restored. Contact: Paul Coffey, owner, pcoffey@saic.edu.


Rookery Building, Chicago.  (1993)  Conversion of an 1890s early Loop skyscraper to Class-A office space, including restoration of entrance lobbies and light court by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Contact the architect: Gunny Harboe, Harboe Architects, PC, 312-977-0333.


School of the Art Institute, Chicago.  (1997)  Restoration of a club ballroom and its conversion to auditorium space for a university.  Contact: Vincent Michael, SAIC, 312-629-6500.


360 N. Michigan Avenue Building, Chicago.  (2002)  Rehabilitation of 1923-era Beaux Arts skyscraper, including replication of ornamental cast metalwork, storefront, and plaster work.  Contact: Leonard Koroski, Lohan Caprile Goettsch Architects, 312-938-4455.  PHOTO



Education and Outreach                                                                                                            Top


City of Aurora (2006) Innovative projects celebrating the city’s architectural heritage, including interpretive signage, cell phone walking tours, architectural trading cards for school groups, and tours of the city’s numerous Sears catalog houses. Contact the Aurora Preservation Commission: 630-256-3080.


Galena Foundation, Galena. (2008) Formed in 1980, The Galena Foundation has had over 25 years of success educating the public on the significance of local architecture and raising funds for its ongoing maintenance, with the money raised being put back into the community through matching grants for historic preservation projects. Contact: The Galena Foundation, 815-377-7070.


Gifford Park Association, Elgin. (2007) The leadership of this group, formed in 1979, has resulted in programming to promote the historic architecture of the oldest neighborhood in Elgin. In an effort to promote architectural appreciation through public education, the group organized its first historic house tour in 1981, with proceeds reinvested in the neighborhood. Contact: Dan Miller, dmiller@aol.com.


New Life Project, Jacksonville. (2008) What started as an effort to save one building from demolition has given rise to a new local Main Street program for this community. The Jacksonville Main Street board took the opportunity to create a model for rehabilitation by returning a dilapidated property to single-family use through a series of innovative partnerships. Contact: Judy Tighe, Jacksonville Main Street, 217-245-6884.


Paxton Water Tower Preservation Campaign, Paxton. (2007) This pump house, completed in 1887 and located in east central Illinois, has been rescued by local preservationists and adapted for a new use as the Ford County Museum. Contact: Royce Baier, The Paxton Foundation, 217-379-2710.


The Rock Island Argus, Rock Island.  (2002)  Two series of newspaper articles, including: historic structures depicted on vintage postcards and the region’s various architectural styles . Contact: Diane Ostereich, Rock Island Preservation Society, 309-782-8026, or Rock Island Argus, 309-764-4344.  PHOTO


Renaissance Danville, Danville. (2005) This nonprofit organization targets deteriorated residential properties for acquisition and rehabilitation as single-family residences. This program also offers “how-to” maintenance workshops for historic homeowners. Contact: Renaissance Danville, Inc., 217-443-3095.


Schoolyards to Skylines, Chicago.  (2003)  Lesson plans for K-8 teachers, including use of buildings, sites, people, and historic events as tools for teaching social science, science, mathematics, language arts, and fine arts.  Contact: Jennifer Masengarb, Chicago Architecture Foundation, 312-922-3432, ext. 246  PHOTO


Zook Home and Studio Relocation, Hinsdale. (2005) A coalition of concerned residents came together to save this local historic architect’s home and studio from demolition. In less than eight weeks, preservationists orchestrated a challenging and successful relocation of the house to a suitable new site. Contact: Bob Saigh, Hinsdale Historical Society, 630-887-9110.



Hotels                                                                                                                                                   Top


Allerton Hotel, Chicago.  (2000)  Rehabilitation of a 1924 hotel, including storefront renovations, new entrance, brick and stone repairs, and restoration of a neon sign.  Contact the architect: W. Stephen Saunders, 312-786-1204.  PHOTO


Aurora Hotel, Aurora.  (1998)  Restoration and adaptive use of historic hotel into senior citizens housing.  Contact the Aurora Preservation Commission: 630-256-3080.


Elk Tower Apartments, Litchfield.  (1998)  Historic lodge and hotel rehabilitated into 27 affordable rental apartment. Contact the architect: Patrick Thornton, Farr Associates, 312-408-1661.


Hotel Baker, St. Charles.  (1998)  This 1928 building was restored to its original use as a luxury hotel, including accessibility requirements and installation of interior storm windows .  Contact the owner: Craig Frank, 630-584-0820.


Hotel Inter-Continental, Chicago.  (1992)  Restoration of a 1929 hotel, including exterior stone repairs, new windows, skylights, roofs, canopies, and general facility upgrades.  Contact the architect: James Torvik, Gensler Associates, 312-456-0123.


Rose Hotel, Elizabethtown.  (2000)  This 1835 tavern-hotel was renovated into a bed-and-breakfast facility owned by IHPA.  Work included structural stabilization, mechanical and electrical systems, and accessibility requirements.  Contact the architect: William Borgognoni, 618-529-3691.  PHOTO


Wabash YMCA, Chicago.  (2001)  Conversion of a 1920s building into 101 new single-occupancy rooms and community facilities, including restoration of a 1938 mural.  Contact the architect: Dennis Langley, 312-642-1820.  PHOTO



Industrial                                                                                                                                           Top


Chicago & Northwestern Railway Powerhouse, Chicago. (2007) Conversion of this 1911 Beaux Arts structure into commercial space was accomplished by adding three floors of rentable space to the vaulted interior and buffering the structural frame from vibrations of trains passing underneath. Contact: Jeff Berta, Structured Development, 312-261-5773.


Gray-Watkins Mill, Montgomery.  (2001)  Adaptive use of a 1850s grist mill into a banquet hall, including new roof, window and limestone repairs, and elevator and restrooms .  Contact the developer: Tim Ivers or Virginia Potter, 630-961-5055.  PHOTO


Pullman Factory Task Force, Chicago.  (2002)  Established community process for stabilization of a former railroad car factory damaged by an arson fire.  Contact: Commission on Chicago Landmarks, 312-744-3200.  PHOTO


Riverbank Laboratories, Geneva. (2005) Adaptive reuse of an important WWI-era laboratory complex for modern office and production facilities. Contact the owners: Bonnie and Fred Hackendahl, 630-262-2613.


Schoenhofen Powerhouse, Chicago.  (1995)  Conversion of 1902 Prairie-style brewing plant into an artesian-well water bottling plant, including brick and window restoration.  Contact the owner: Lawrence O’Brien, Observers Investment Co., 312-464-1424.  PHOTO


600 West, Chicago.  (2003)  Conversion of mammoth Montgomery Ward & Co. catalog warehouse for office, retail, and residential uses, including exterior brick, terra cotta, and concrete cleaning.  Contact: Gensler Architects, 312-456-0123.



Park Facilities                                                                                                                                  Top


Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, Chicago.  (2002)  Restoration of Prairie School landscape, including waterfall, native stone outcroppings and paths, council ring, and accessible walkways.  Contact: Chicago Park District, Department of Capital Construction, 312-742-7529, or Wolff Clements & Associates, 312-663-5494.  PHOTO


Central Park Bandshell, Orion.  (2004)  Restoration of 1915-era bandshell and its original decorative lighting scheme by local fundraising and volunteer labor.  Contact: Diane Welborn, Main Street Orion, 309-526-3331.  PHOTO


Clarence F. Buckingham Memorial Fountain, Chicago.  (1996)  Restoration of this 1920s Beaux Arts fountain including repairs to its marble cladding, replacement of the concrete substructure, and new mechanical systems.  Contact the architect: James Torvik, Gensler Associates, 312-456-0123.


Columbus Park, Chicago.  (1992)  Landscape restoration of a Prairie-style park designed by Jens Jensen, including water features.  Contact: Julia Sniderman Bachrach, Chicago Park District, 312-742-4698.


Congress Viaduct and Plaza, Chicago.  (1996)  Reconstruction of this 1920s open space including ornamental concrete railings and staircases, replication of missing ornamental streetlights, decorative paving, and landscaping.  Contact: DLK Architecture, 312-322-2564.


Garfield Conservatory Aroid House, Chicago.  (1997)   Restoration of this glass structure and its plantings to their 1923 period of significance.  Contact the architect: John Eifler, 312-362-0180.  PHOTO


Humboldt Park Boathouse, Chicago.  (2002)  Restoration of a 1907 Prairie School-style boathouse, including clay tile roof, decorative railings and light fixtures, and handicapped accessibility. Contact: Chicago Park District, Department of Capital Construction, 312-742-7529.  PHOTO


Humboldt Park Receptory and Stable, Chicago.  (1998)  Exterior restoration of this 1896 fire-damaged structure included a new roof and wholesale repairs to a variety of materials, such as limestone, brick, terra cotta, wood trim, and metal ornament. Contact the architect: Douglas Gilbert, 708-660-1749.


Jackson Park Animal Bridge, Chicago. (2005) Restoration of a stone-clad road bridge featuring fanciful carved animal heads. Contact the Chicago Department of Transportation: Brian Steele, 312-744-0707.


Walden-Bluff’s Edge Bridge, Lake Forest.  (1998)  Rehabilitation of this 1901 bridge included structural repairs, stone abutments, and new railings.  Contact: Pauline Mohr, Lake Forest Preservation Foundation, 847-234-1344.



Public Buildings                                                                                                                              Top



East St. Louis Courthouse, East St. Louis.  (1992)  Renovation of a 1910 courthouse, including an addition connected by a glass skylight.  Contact the architect: James Torvik, Gensler Associates, 312-456-0123.


East School Clock Tower, Pittsfield. (2005) Complete restoration of one of the nation’s oldest schoolhouse clock towers. Contact the contractor: Cody Wright, 217-899-8334.


Graceland Cemetery, Chicago.  (2000)  This cemetery’s conservation program, initiated in 1992, has repaired deteriorating stone monuments, replicated damaged or broken statuary, and cleaned bronze work.  Contact the architect: John Eifler, 312-362-0180.  PHOTO


Grosse Point Lighthouse, Evanston.  (1997)  Restoration and adaptive use into a museum of an 1873 structure.  Contact: Donald J. Terras, Lighthouse Park District of Evanston, 847-869-0983.  PHOTO


Illinois State Capitol – Legislative Chambers, Springfield. (2007) Restoration of the 1887 legislative chambers included the addition of modern mechanical and electrical systems, as well as the renovation and reintroduction of period finishes—including carpeting and furnishings— and the reconstruction of a stained glass ceiling in the House chambers. Contact: Phil Hamp, Vinci|Hamp Architects, 312-733-7744.


Lake County Museum, Wauconda.  (1999)  Renovation and expansion of a historical museum building, including exhibition space and amenities for food services and rentals.  Contact the architect: David Woodhouse, 312-943-3120.


Lake Forest City Hall, Lake Forest.  (1998)  Restoration of this 1898 structure included accessibility requirements, structural repairs, and a sensitive addition.  Contact the architect: David Woodhouse, 312-943-3120.


Libertyville Bell Tower, Libertyville.  (1999)  Restoration of a cupola atop a historic town hall.  Contact: Dean Larson, 847-367-5857.


Lords Park Pavilion, Elgin.  (1993)  Restoration included research of missing elements and structural repairs.  Contact the architect: Bruce A. Dahlquist, 847-742-4063.


Menard County Courthouse, Petersburg.  Restoration of an 1896 county courthouse, including the removal of a stucco-like coating over the original brick exterior (2004).  Contact the county sheriff: Larry Smith, 217-632-2273.  PHOTO


Mineral Springs Park Pavilion, Pekin.  (1994)  Restoration of this 1904 structure into a public hall included masonry repairs, interior woodwork, plaster stabilization, electrical systems, and repairs of old fixtures.  Contact the architect: Kenyon and Associates, 309-674-7121.


Mitchell Mansion and Carriage House, Naperville.  (2004)  Interior and exterior restoration of 1890s historic structures based on a detailed historic structures report. Contact: Louise A. Howard, Naper Settlement, 630-420-6014.  PHOTO


Old McLean County Courthouse Dome, Bloomington. (2005) Restoration of a 1903 courthouse tower and dome. Contact the engineer: Ed Gerns, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, 312-372-0555 x121.


Peoria City Hall, Peoria.  (1991)  Restoration and repairs to an 1897 Flemish Renaissance style building.  Contact the architect: Kenyon and Associates, 309-674-7121.


Pouley Road, Elburn.  (1995)  A non-profit organization helped preserve 1 1.3 mile-long section of a rural gravel road.  Contact: Jan Jorstad Otto, Pouley Road Preservation Society, 630-365-6354.


Village of Elsah, Elsah.  (1997)  Wholesale rehabilitation effort to restore the village’s historic character, following the 1993 Mississippi River Flood. Contact: Gerald Taetz, Illinois Valley Cultural Heritage Association, 618-374-1103.



Religious Buildings                                                                                                                       Top


Baha’i House of Worship, Wilmette.  (1994)  Restoration of this 1953 concrete structure included accessibility requirements. Contact the architect: Robert Armbruster, 847-853-2112.


The Chouse, Galena.  (1993)  Adaptive use of an 1854 church into a single-family residence, including restoration of its exterior and 17 foot-tall interior stamped tin ceilings.  Contact the owners: Daniel and Verne Wagner, 815-777-0755.


Holy Family Church, Chicago.  (1995)  A non-profit organization raised over $1 million to restore this 1860 German Gothic church.  Contact the architect: John Vinci, 312-733-7744.


Lake View Presbyterian Church, Chicago. (2008) Restoration of this 1888 church by architect John Wellborn Root focused heavily on the removal of asbestos shingles covering the original patterned cedar shingle cladding on the building’s exterior. Art glass windows were also fully restored and fireproofing material installed under the shingles. Contact: Greg Cook, Holabird & Root, 312-357-1771.


Medinah Temple/Tree Studios Block, Chicago. (2007) These buildings, constructed between 1894 and 1913, were saved from demolition through the support and advocacy of several groups who fought to redevelop them into usable spaces. Using local and federal tax incentives, this historic block was preserved and re-used. Contact: Eleanor Gorski, City of Chicago-Historic Preservation Division, 312-744-3200.


Metropolitan Community Church, Chicago.  (2003)  Advocacy effort by parishioners to prevent demolition of 1889 Richardsonian Romanesque-style church, including protests, petitions, 24-hour property watch, and lawsuits.  Contact: Coalition to Save the Met, Linda Slaughter, 708-798-0957, lindaslaughter@aol.com or Patty Winston Johnson, 708-798-5578.  PHOTO


Moses Montefiore Temple, Bloomington.  (2001)  Adaptive use of a 1889 Jewish temple into a single-family residence, including a new roof, copper box gutters and downspouts, replacement of a large copper onion-shaped dome, plastering, and new mechanical systems.  Contact the architect: Russell Francois, 309-828-4005.  PHOTO


Music Institute of Chicago Concert Hall and Learning Center, Evanston.  (2003)  Adaptive use of 1912-era Classical Revival-style church, including 500-seat recital hall, music school, and resolution of accessibility issues. Contact: Music Institute of Chicago, 847-446-3822, ext. 303.  PHOTO



Residential                                                                                                                                        Top


312 N. Church Street, Jacksonville. (2008) What started as an effort to save one troubled building from demolition has given rise to a new rehabilitation program for this community.  Contact Jacksonville Main Street at 217-245-6884 or info@jacksonvillemainstreet.com. PHOTO


447 West Main, Decatur.  (2001)  This 1854 Federal-style house, which had been subdivided into four apartments, was restored to it's original appearance and function as a single-family residence. Contact the owners: John and Rhonda Glidewell, 217-429-8276.  PHOTO


Avery Coonley House, Riverside. (2007) A full-scale restoration of the 1907 Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Main House included stucco repair, recreated murals and skylights, and the rehabilitation of over 150 leaded glass doors and windows. This meticulous restoration extended onto the grounds as well, where Jens Jensen's 1913 landscape plan has been recreated. Contact: Riverside Historical Commission, 708-447-2700.


Bradley Stable, Kankakee. (2006) In danger of demolition by neglect, this locally designated Frank Lloyd Wright landmark was rescued by new owners who undertook a full restoration. Contact the owners: Gaines and Sharon Hall, 815-802-1421.


Clarke House, Chicago. (2005) Chicago’s first locally-designated landmark, this wood-frame Greek Revival-style house is now operated by the city as a museum. Recent restoration efforts have returned the home to its original 1850s appearance. Contact the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs: Julie Burros, 312-744-8938.


Dam 51 Lock Keeper Housing, Golconda (2003)  Rehabilitation of 1920s brick and frame residences for use as rental cottages, including extensive repairs, handicapped accessibility, and volunteer-led campaign.  Contact: Main Street Golconda, 618-683-6246 or -6702.  PHOTO


Dana-Thomas House, Springfield.  (1990)  Interior and exterior restoration of a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed residence into a state-owned house museum. Contact: Mike Jackson, IHPA, 217-785-5031.


C.S. Dole Mansion, Crystal Lake.  (2003)  Grass-roots campaign to purchase an 1860s Italianate residence and its 12-acre lakefront site to prevent demolition for a residential development.  Contact: Lakeside Legacy Foundation, 815-455-8000.  PHOTO


E.M. West House and Grounds, Edwardsville. (2008) This 1858 Italianate house underwent a large-scale restoration, returning the structure to its 1860s appearance by rebuilding and recasting ornamental elements on both the interior and exterior. To complete the restoration, the asphalt parking lot was torn out and the grounds fully restored. Contact: Joe Hutton, Miller & Maack General Contractors, 618-344-2506.


Easton-Converse Mansion, Peoria.  (1999)  Built c. 1880, this Second Empire mansion’s renovation included: roof, window, and structural repairs, a second stairway, new elevator, and partial conversion to office use.  Contact the architect: Kenyon and Associates, 309-674-7121.


Emery House, Elmhurst. (2005) Walter Burley Griffin’s original 1903 Prairie School design had been extensively altered throughout its lifetime. As part of a long-tern restoration effort, later additions were demolished, mechanics upgraded, and exterior stucco and masonry restored. Contact the architect: John Eifler, Eifler & Associates, 312-362-0180.


Heurtley House, Oak Park.  (1999)  Restoration of this 1902 Frank Lloyd Wright house involved a new roof, tuck pointing, and installation of new electrical and mechanical systems.  Contact the architect: John G. Thorpe, 708-386-1700.


Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative, Chicago.  (2002)  City-led program to encourage preservation of early-20th century brick bungalows, including web site, multilingual materials, tours, outreach to realtors and contractors, tours, design guidelines, and homeowner incentives.  Contact: Historic Chicago Bungalow Association, 312-642-9900; www.chicagobungalow.org  PHOTO


Hotel St. Benedict Flats, Chicago.  (1996)  Restoration of an 1882-83 apartment building, including windows, metal cornice, missing historic elements, signage, and retail space .  Contact: Kerry Dickson, LR Development, 312-595-7400.


Daniel Lincoln Homestead, St. Charles.  (1993)  Restoration and sensitive addition to a 1846 Federal-style house, including windows.  Contact the owner: Mark D. VanKerkhoff, 630-232-3451.


Muirhead Farmhouse, Hampshire. (2007) This 1948 Usonian-style farmhouse by Frank Lloyd Wright was restored by the original owners’ granddaughter and her husband, who took on the task of repairing the farmhouse’s concrete floor, common brick walls and cantilevered cypress roof before converting it into a bed and breakfast. Contact: Michael and Sarah Petersdorf, owners, 847-464-5224.


New Holland Apartments, Danville. (2006) This “triple crown” of rehabilitation projects converted an abandoned historic apartment complex into “Green” affordable housing units. Contact the owner: Thom Pollock, Crosspoint Human Services, 217-442-3200.


Powers-Jarvis Bachrach Mansion, Decatur.  (1993)  Adaptive use of a 1910 residence for classrooms and lodging for a corporate training facility.  Contact: Ron James, Bachrach Corporation, 217-875-1020.


Pattington Apartments, Chicago.  (1995)  Exterior repair of a 1902 apartment building, including curved wood windows and tile roof.  Contact one of the owners: David Holton, 773-883-1288.


Ricker House, Champaign.  (2001)  Restoration of this 1892 Queen Anne house encompassed a new roof and chimneys, plasterwork, plumbing, new kitchen, and bathroom upgrades-done by a non-profit preservation organization.  Contact: Karen Lang Kummer, Preservation and Conservation Association, 217-359-7222.  PHOTO


Robert G. Emmond House, LaGrange. (2008) This frame Queen Anne residence, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1892, was carefully restored to its 1895 appearance. Interior work included historic paint analysis, fabrication of period hardware pieces, installation of carbon filament lighting fixtures, and replication of missing interior woodwork throughout. Contact: Harboe Architects, 312-977-0333.


Rowhouses of Lakewood Balmoral, Chicago.  (2002)  Sensitive new construction in a historic neighborhood.  Contact:  Thom Greene, Greene and Proppe Design, 773-271-1925; www.gpdchicago.com  PHOTO


Sala Flats, Rock Island. (2006) Renovation of this 33-unit apartment building for affordable downtown housing included the retention of many original fireplaces, cabinets, and moldings. Contact the developer: Linda Fulkerson, Brinshore Development, 847-562-9400.


Wheeler Mansion, Chicago.  (2004)  Conversion of vacant house to 12-room boutique hotel, including exterior brick cleaning, replacement slate tile roof, interior restoration, and use of Class-L property tax incentive. Contact: owner Debra Seger, 312-945-2020.  PHOTO


Wigell-Carlson Residence, Rockford. (2007) This 1908 Prairie-style residence was rehabilitated and preserved as a single-family home. Portions of this extensive restoration included carefully refinishing millwork, returning salvaged items to their original locations, and using period finishes throughout. Contact: Gary Carlson, owner, gary@garycarlsonmotors.com.


Willits House, Highland Park.  (2000)  This 1901 Frank Lloyd Wright house’s restoration included a new roof, reconstruction of the front porch, comprehensive art glass repair, new hardware and lighting fixtures.  Contact the architect: John Eifler, 312-362-0180.  PHOTO



Rural Issues                                                                                                                                      Top


Dickson-Murst Farmstead, Montgomery. (2006) Village officials spearheaded a proactive campaign to protect a 100-acre farmstead from encroaching subdivision development. Contact the Village of Montgomery: Debbie Buchanan, 630-896-8080 x21.


Kane County Board, Geneva.  (2003)  Created state’s first rural historic district, “rustic roads” and barn rehabilitation programs, and bricks-and-mortar grants.  Contact: Kane County Historic Preservation Commission, 630-208-5347.  PHOTO


Riverview Farm Restoration Workshop and Barn Raising Social, Naperville.   (2002)  Week-long community event to restore a 19th-century barn, including an all-day social with a barn raising finale.  Contact: Lynn Kurczewski, Forest Preserve District of Will County, 815-727-8700.  PHOTO


Wagner’s Farm, Glenview.  (2003)  One of the last working farms on Chicago’s North Shore rescued from subdivision redevelopment.  Contact: Citizens Organized for Wagner’s (C.O.W.S.), 847-724-0106.  PHOTO



Schools                                                                                                                                                 Top


Chicago Board of Education, Chicago.  (1998)  Restoration of WPA-era murals at seven public schools.  Contact: Chicago Conservation Center, 312-944-5401.


Crown Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. (2006) This mid-20th century masterpiece was restored to Meis van der Rohe’s original vision in a complete recladding of its glass curtain walls. Contact the architects: Mark Sexton, Krueck & Sexton, 312-787-0056; Gunny Harboe, Harboe Architects, 312-977-0333.


Illinois School for the Deaf, Jacksonville.  (1996)  Restoration of exterior masonry and stencil work.  Contact the architect: Kenyon and Associates, 309-674-7121.


Lindblom Math and Science Academy, Chicago. (2006) The Chicago Board of Education adapted this historic high school in the Englewood neighborhood to meet the demands of modern educational needs. The original auditorium and dance hall were magnificently restored as part of the project. Contact the architect: Ed Torrez, Bauer Latoza Studio, 312-567-1000.


Pearl Place Senior Apartments, Belvidere.  (2003)  Adaptive use of vacant schools, dating from 1893 and 1916, for senior-citizen apartments, including a modern connection between buildings and a new entry pavilion.  Contact: architect Richard J. Laya, 312-829-3355 ext. 225.  PHOTO


Pullman School, Chicago.  (1999)  Restoration of this 1910 grade school include brick and mortar repair and cleaning, wood window restoration, and accessibility requirements.  Contact the architect: Joanne Bauer, 312-986-1000.


Carl Schurz High School, Chicago.  (1998)  Exterior restoration of this 1910 Prairie-style building included brick repair and cleaning, complete wood window restoration, and reinstallation of a long-missing clay tile roof.  Contact the architect: Carol Ross Barney, 312-832-0600.


University of Chicago Law Library, Chicago. (2008) This 1960 Modernist-style library, designed by Eero Saarinen, underwent a sensitive rehabilitation in which obsolete stacks were removed to create computer terminals and additional study areas, a central staircase was inserted between floors two and three, and period furnishings complete the décor. Contact: Mark Hirons, OWP/P Architects, 312-332-9600.



Theaters                                                                                                                                              Top


Apollo Theater, Peoria.  (1992)  Restoration of theater lobby and entrance, rehabilitation of the balcony, and conversion of the ground floor into office and retail space.  Contact: Thomas and Barbara Leiter, 309-691-4766.


Auditorium Theater, Chicago.  (2003)  Theater renovation in Adler & Sullivan’s 1886 Auditorium Building included paint color analysis, stenciling, decorative plasterwork, new stage lifts, and dressing rooms.  Contact: Rich Regan, Auditorium Theater, 312-431-2361.  PHOTO


Coronado Theater, Rockford.  (2001)  Restoration of vacant theater included exterior masonry work, upgraded restrooms and original fixtures, and a new addition for more performance space. Contact: Sarah Skorija, Friends of the Coronado, 815-968-5600.  PHOTO


Normal Theater, Normal.  (1996)  Restoration of a deteriorated 1937 movie theater, including reconstruction of its neon sign.  Contact the architect: Gail White, 618-529-3691.



Train Stations                                                                                                                                  Top


Dempster Street Station, Skokie.  (2004)  Restoration of 1920s Prairie-style train station for retail use, including new tile roof, replicated light fixtures, and move of the building 120 feet to a new location.  Contact: Antunovich Associates, 312-266-1126. PHOTO


Union Station, Joliet.  (1992)  Restoration of this Classical Revival-style building included its waiting room, new entrances, and accessibility requirements.  Contact: Barbara Newberg, Joliet Historic Preservation Commission, 815-724-4052.


Union Station, Springfield. (2008) Designed by architect Francis Bacon in 1898 for the Illinois Central Railroad, this block-long Romanesque Revival-style train station was converted into a downtown visitor’s center. The 110-foot clock tower, removed in 1946, was re-engineered and rebuilt. Contact: Gail White, White & Borgognoni, 618-529-3691.







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