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While Landmarks Illinois is based in Chicago, as a statewide advocacy organization Landmarks Illinois is committed to visiting and giving assistance to communities throughout the state.


News From the Road 2006



The Route 66 town of Elkhart, Illinois (Logan County) is the home of the 1915 Gillette Memorial Bridge, included in Landmarks Illinois’ 2005 Ten Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois list.  The bridge is connected to an equally historic Victorian-era cemetery, where Illinois’ 14th, 16th and 20th Governor Richard Oglesby is buried, and which features an impressive Gothic Revival limestone chapel. 

The Elkhart Historical Society and the Logan County Tourism Bureau have worked together to find funding to renovate the distinctive bridge so that it may become a destination in Elkhart.  Landmarks Illinois has given a $5,000 heritage grant toward this effort.  For more information, contact info@tourlogancounty.com.  


Hosted by Landmarks Illinois regional advisor and local preservation architect Gail White in Carbondale, Landmarks Illinois staff members, Suzanne Germann and Lisa DiChiera, met with local residents involved in the effort to renovate the Fuller Home Dome, included in Landmarks Illinois’ 2004 Ten Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois list.  That same year, Landmarks Illinois provided a $5,000 Heritage grant to the non-profit organization that now owns the dome and is fundraising to undertake the effort of renovation and opening the dome to the public. Landmarks Illinois’ grant went toward the completion of a historic structure’s report for the dome.  For more information, visit:  www.buckysdome.org.
Along with Buckminster Fuller’s own dome home, there are several other cool mid-century homes in Carbondale, including two passive-solar designed houses, and just south of Carbondale, a home by noted modernist architect Bruce Goff, which now functions as a bed and breakfast.  www.brucegoff-castle-bandb.com.
Landmarks Illinois staff also visited the Tuscan Lodge, built in 1894, and included in Landmarks Illinois’ 2005 Ten Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois  list. In 2007, Landmarks Illinois awarded a $5,000 Heritage Grant toward the building’s roof repair and structural analysis work.


With Southern Illinois University’s professor of architecture Bob Swenson, Lisa and Suzanne visited the Thebes Courthouse, built in 1848 of hand-hewn stone, located in Thebes, Illinois overlooking the Mississippi River (Alexander County).  Thebes had a population of 478 people in the 2000 census. 

Students in the Preservation Summer 2006 program in the Architecture School of SIU made substantial progress on a Historic Structure’s Report (HSR) for the courthouse.  For more information on SIU’s program, contact rswenson@siu.edu.   The courthouse was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and is owned by the city.  It is open to the public by appointment.


Cobden, Illinois, with a population of a little over 1000, is in a valley nestled within the Shawnee National Forest.  Buildings on the main street date from the mid-late nineteenth century.  The 1892 DuBois Building, received a Landmarks Illinois Heritage Grant to update its heating and cooling system.


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News From the Road 2006

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Gillette Memorial Bridge, Elkart

limestone chapel and cemetery, Ekhart

stained glass window

Main Street, Elkhart

l. to r. local resident with Lisa DiChiera &  Gail White at the Fuller Home Dome

Passive solar house, Carbondale

Tuscan Lodge, Carbondale

Thebes Courthouse

DuBois Building, Cobden






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