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Baum and Temple Buildings

41-43 N. Vermilion
Street, 102-106 N.
Vermilion Street,


Built 1908


These two buildings were demolished by the City of Danville in the summer of 2001, just months after having been named to LPCI’s Ten Most Endangered Historic Places list. At the time of demolition, each building had been vacant and neglected for


at least half a decade. The Baum building was the first of three “skyscraper” buildings designed by Jenny, Mundie and Jensen in Danville. The façade was constructed of granite and Bedford limestone and reflected the Classical Revival style with a lobby lined with Italian white marble. Located on a downtown corner, the Temple building was remarkable as an excellent example of Classical Revival style and for its massive presence at six stories high, five bays wide, and eight bays deep.


The City of Danville used a Certified Local Government grant to have a National Register nomination prepared for the Temple building, which was subsequently listed in December 2000. By spring of 2001 the city decided to demolish both buildings despite public outcry and potential rehabilitation solutions. In order to finance the demolition, the City borrowed $1.5 million against a property tax increase.


A park now occupies the former site of the Temple Building incorporating a fragment of the building’s entrance. No development plans are known for the Baum Building vacant lot.











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