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Queen Anne Cottages

1300 Blocks of S. Oakley, Heath & Claremont, Chicago


The recent listing of two buildings (1302 S. Heath, 1308 S. Oakley) in the city’s Fast Track Demolition program, alerted preservationists to the possible threat to three blocks of Queen Anne brick cottages. The homes, many abandoned and for sale, are now vulnerable to replacement by new town home development. Sister models to these cottages, in the nearby 1000 block of Claremont, built in


1884, have been long recognized for their historic character (“Claremont Cottages,” AIA Guide to Chicago) and are well maintained.


Because the cottages are of the same styles seen in the catalog book “The Claremont Cottages in Seven Styles,” used by real estate agents Turner and Bond to market the 1000 Block of S. Claremont, it is speculated the cottages on Heath, Oakley and Claremont were an extension of the same development. While the Claremont Cottages are noted in the catalog as the work of Chicago architect Normand S. Patton (Lakeview High School, Oak Park and River Forest High School), architectural historians speculate architect Cicero Hine may have had a hand in their design. Hine worked in Patton’s office in 1884 as a draftsman and in 1886, in his own practice, designed similar homes known as the Berkeley Cottages in the Oakland-Kenwood Historic District.


The City has recently started to pursue a strategy that would allow these properties and others like them to be turned over to new owners so they can be rehabilitated and preserved whenever possible. However, preservationists hope to see the area studied as a potential Chicago landmark district to help ensure their preservation.


Photo 1: City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development, Landmarks Division
Photos 2-6: Robert Shymanski




To view cottages for sale, go to Imperiled Buildings for more information.









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