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Central School

Wille & Thayer Streets, Mount Prospect


This one-room school house, the first public school in Mount Prospect, must be moved by February 2008 or the Mount Prospect Historical Society will have to return control of the building to the church that gave it to the historical society for relocation. The church wants to use the site for a parking lot. Moving costs have been budgeted at $230,000 and the historical society still lacks $40,000 in funding.



Built in 1896 by William Wille, a local carpenter, the school was the site of Mount Prospect’s incorporation and in 1930, three years after the construction of a new school next door; it served as the village’s first public library. The proposed move would be the school’s second relocation. It was moved from its original location in 1939, to its current site to be utilized by a church congregation. Saint John’s Episcopal Church held services in the building until 1954 when it built a new church. The church used the school house as offices until its $1 sale to the historical society in 2002. Fundraising has been slow but steady over the 5 ˝ years the historical society has owned the building. The historical society’s goal is to move the school 6 blocks away, next door to the Historical Society, to serve as an educational building and meeting place for the community.


Photos: Mount Prospect Historical Society




For more information contact: Gavin Kleespies, Mount Prospect Historical Society (847) 392-9006 www.yourcentralschool.org.








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