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Sacred Heart Chapel – Barat College

700 E. Westleigh Rd.,
Lake Forest (George Hellmuth, 1922-1925)


Described by many as “the heart” of the Barat College campus, the Sacred Heart Chapel is in imminent threat of demolition under a developer’s current plan to convert the former college campus into an upscale housing development. The chapel was built as a wing to Barat’s “Old Main” building, which falls within the boundaries of the Lake Forest National Register District and the city’s East Lake Forest Historic District.The Lake Forest Historic Preservation Commission has voted to deny the developer’s request to demolish the northern wing where the chapel is located in order to build additional residential units in its place.



Following this decision, the developer filed an economic hardship appeal which will be reviewed by the Preservation commission and then forwarded to the city council for final determination.


  What Can I Do? Urge City officials to support the Preservation Commission and not allow the demolition of such a significant piece of Lake Forest history. Contact Mayor Michael Rummel, 595 E. Longwood Drive, Lake Forest, IL 60045, 847-984-5705 and City Manager Robert Kiely, 847-615-4271, kielyr@cityoflakeforest.com.


Photography: James Morris






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