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Chicago Athletic Association Building and Annex

12 S. Michigan,
(Henry Ives Cobb, 1893)
71 E. Madison,
(Schmidt, Garden & Martin, 1907 & 1926)


The Chicago Athletic Building and Annex are contributing structures within the city’s Historic Michigan Boulevard landmark district. However, plans are currently being proposed to demolish the Madison Street annex for a fifty- to eighty-story condominium tower across from Millennium Park.


In the city’s designation report for this local historic district, staff found the annex to be “an excellent example of progressive architectural trends at the turn of the 20th century.”


One of the proposed plans also includes demolition of significant portions of the club’s Venetian-Gothic inspired building, which faces Michigan Avenue. This proposal follows a recent trend along the Michigan-Wabash corridor of constructing large-scale towers behind the façades of historic structures. Examples include the Heritage Millennium, the Legacy at Millennium Park (within the Jewelers Row District), and the 80-story tower proposed as part of the YWCA building redevelopment at 830 S. Michigan Avenue.


  What Can I Do?  Object to any proposed demolition of these properties which should be afforded protection under the city of Chicago landmarks ordinance. Contact Alderman Burton Natarus, 42nd Ward, 121 N. LaSalle St., Room 306, Chicago, IL 60602 / (312) 744-1728 (fax) and Brian Goeken, Deputy Commissioner, Landmarks Division, City of Chicago Dept. of Planning, 33 N. LaSalle St., Room 1600, Chicago, IL 60602 / (312) 744-9140 (fax).


Photography: The black and white photos are of an athlete at the club and Jack Dempsey in the ring with the Athletic Club’s boxing coach. (71 E. Madison) upper floor photo copyright: Daniel Kieckhefer, for Emporis.






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